Thursday, September 6, 2007

Week 3 :: Part 3

Some of my Handiwork - wire wheeling the underside... This is as good as it gets. Even though the surface has some rust left - that's a perfect surface for the Chassis Saver Hi-Build Gloss black paint to adhere to. Another shot of the foot wells... Tranny tunnel and cross member - this actually went down to bare metal, since it was a traditionally oily area. Another shott looking down the trans tunnel. The fuels and brake lines will be removed shortly, and replace with new units.

Week 3 :: Part 2

A section of the rear floor tacked in place. Another shot of the DS floor - welded in. DS Floor... Passenger side rear foot well. A patch is going in here. Out with the old...

Week 3 :: Part 1

Another home made patch, but we'll decide later that we're better off replacing the whole shooting match. Note the spare tire hold down - this is a mark of a very early fastback. It's a carry over from the 64 1/2. Another shot of the patch... Dr. Dave welding in a purchased patch panel for the floor. Another rough spot - this time in the battery area. Leaky battery caused this issue some years ago. Drivers side patch panels in place!

Week 2 :: Part 2

Yousa - that's a big hole... More paint stripped... The original VIN tag. Need to keep this.

Week 2 :: Part 1

Another shot of the PS frame rail with a home made patch. Floor stripped of paint... Cancer trimmed out - ready for patch panel. Oooh - more ungly rust. Where it's clean, its real clean. But then there's the rust.

Week 1 :: Part 2

OK - last assembly pic - Let the disassembly begin! Fenders and front end removed. Doors are gone, as is the windshield My job - cleaning all the old undercoating off and painting. Tank removed, and rear frame rail area sand blasted. Not looking good, this will be replaced.

Week 1 :: Part 1

Pictures over where things go, and how they're assembled, before the rest of the disassembly begins. Rear fold down seat latch. These will prove to come in handy when the car is being put back together. Interior mounting pads... ...More... and more...

Week 0 :: Part 5

Different view of the DS rear floor once again. Motor out of the car. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it yet. A big pile 'O parts - and that's not even 1/2 of them... Loaded up and ready to head over to Daves.

Week 0 :: Part 4

Another wheel well with rust this time on the DS. Man - that tank looks bad. It actually has a small pin hole on the top, because when I used to fill it up, I could smell the gas fumes inside the car. Another shot of the DS rust... ... and the back seat area.

Week 0 :: Part 3

With front section of carpet removed, more cancer shows. Mainly on the drivers side. Another view of the PS rear rust. All-in-all - not too bad. At least the whole floor doesn't have to be replaced. The worst section - under the drivers left foot. Wheel wells with holes in them...

Week 0 :: Part 2

A wide shot of the rear seat area - lotsa rust. Rear bumber and tail lights removed - still have my Indy place with the year of the car. In Indiana, you could request this number for free. Passenger side frame rail - not too good of shape... ... same with the drivers side. New tank is in order as well - lotsa rust in there!