Monday, November 19, 2007

A Photo Journal of a Restoration - Start to Finish

This is a complete photo journal of the ground up restoration of my '65 Fastback which took place in '04 and '05. From start to finish it took just 9 months, and we're not professionals at this. I've owned the car since 1980, and since I was a gearhead in HS, refer to it as my HS Sweetheart. A friend of mine did all the body work and paint, while I did the undercarriage, rear end, and reassembly.

The 1st 17 weeks are on Blogger, and pictures for weeks 18 - 26 are on Photobucket, along with some pics of the finsihed product at Watkins Glen!

Make sure you start at Week 0 on Blogger, and click here for the continuation on Photobucket.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week 17 :: Part 3

Week 17 :: Part 2

Finished trunk... Prepping the car for the enamel.

Week 17 :: Part 1

Spraying Wimbledon White enamel on the innder fenders, engine compartment, and interior!

Week 16 :: Part 4

Really starting to look like a car again!

Week 16 :: Part 3

Blocking the car...

Week 16 :: Part 2

More work on the fenders... Filled in the front bumper mount holes, the side emblem holes, and also the hole for the antenna on the PS Fender. Fresh coat of primer... and on the shock towers too!

Week 16 :: Part 1

Gonna remove the original shock tower braces- going to be installing an export brace in its place. Popped the brace off - just need to grind down the spot welds Another look at the PS side with the brace removed. All ground down and ready for primer PS too!

Week 15 :: Part 5

Even the inside of the fenders were stripped and primed. This is the PS Fender. Ready to shoot some paint? The Drivers Side (DS) Fender Insde the DS fender a Look at under the front end of the car.

Week 15 :: Part 4

Shot of the front car with the inner fenders painted... DS inner fender painted with the high build epoxy. DS fender - ready for blocking Patched area - looks good!

Week 15 :: Part 3

Lower portion of the front fender needed repair - we put a small patch in... Checking the fit... DS inner fnder stripped... Stripping off the undercoating was actually quite easy - just needed a hand held propane torch and a scraper.