Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 13 :: Part 3

Stack of new parts, including a complete fastener set for the body and the interior. Interior parts cleaned and repainted with the correct blue lacquer. More parts cleaned and painted, ready to be installed. refinishing of the interior sail panels Each of the fins were painted by hand with black touch up paint, since the face of the vents are chrome. The working part of the vents were disassembled and painted with black enamel.

Week 13 :: Part 2

Rear end will be transported to where the car is at, and installed. New leaf springs given a coat of black epoxy as well. New 3/4" rear sway bar. Not part of the original car, but I wanted it for added stability. Box full of sandblasted and painted parts waiting to be installed My painting station in the basement. New gas tank given a nice coat of high build Chassis Saver as well. Another shot of the gas tank. Yeah, that's a slot car track that never got finished.

Week 13 :: Part 1

Declid stripped and cancer repaired. Under the hood stripped... After the door was stripped, some pinhole rust spots were noticed. These will be filled in with weld. Deck lid primed with epoxy primer... ... and the hood as well.

Week 12 :: Part 3

Doors are in pretty good shape... Some surface rust from sitting around after being stripped - no big deal to remove. Little bit of cancer in the lower front of the PS door, easily fixed with some sheetmetal.

Week 12 :: Part 2

Before and after the chassis saver... Back of the car looks like new! Moving onto the hood. The GT350 scoop will be fuctional. And the doors - stripped. and the jambs too!

Week 12 :: Part 1

Finishing up the quarters with some filler. For repro quarters I think the fits was really good. PS Door jambfinish work Rockers were in good shape, so they're the originals. Just needed some finsih work Ahhh. The undercarriage painted with high build black chassis saver epoxy.

Week 11 :: Part 1

PS Quarter glued in place with structural epoxy... .. and the DS quarter in place as well. Roof primed and straightened. Time to move onto the decklid and doors. Paint stripped and cancer is next to be repaired.

Week 10 :: Part 1

Once the quarter were fit up, there were removed and the entire area epoxy primed. When the quarters are installed, the back end of the car will be complete! Skins primed and ready to be installed... Everything gets a nice coat of epoxy primer.

Week 9 :: Part 1

New PS quarter tacked in place! A helper hard at work... she's not afraid to get down and dirty! DS quarter tacked in place. The quarters will actually be epoxied, rather than welded.

Week 8 :: Part 3

Finihsing up the install with brackets on the DS... and on the PS. Now that the framerails are in time for some exciting stuff... Look ma - a see through Mustang! The quarters on both sides have been removed. A lip was left around the top and door jamb, so that the new quarters can be attached. Pretty scary!

Week 8 :: Part 2

Antoerh shot of the rear tank support and PS frame rail. The frame rail looking from underside. and from the rear. New lower inner quarters installed too! PS framerail and lower inner quarter.